Sunday, December 9, 2012

in regards:

a play for many
sired in obsolescence

raised by run dmc, i just got an adrenaline that runs demerit critic, a therapy by
osmosis in clemency. but those guys did steal, sample, displace expectations, regardless
of their ethnicity or elicit activities; it was michael stealing a byte, he just pa$$ed a
i had a dream and it was all black, everything; yet i bit that frome lupe, a rapper w/
unconventional beliefs, a libertarian of sorts, and maybe kinda w(ron)g. i seem to pump
blood from belabored veins, a coal miner in modern times: it's a convention i can't quite
lapsed as a catholic, i still bleed notre dame; i still drive 75 and believe more than
any rational being should. it could just be the ray on the golden dome we all need.