Monday, December 3, 2012

interesting; here's my take

east side, right on time
wipe and elide

asked chuck if he wanted to jam at the blu-hill, but he seemed non-commital. i told him a
free-form session may rejuvanate both of us, but his eyes beamed skeptical. broke it down
in free-verse and that's when he got down-right septical, practically pointing towards
the bathroom and what may await my presumptuous ass. it was slightly humbling.
after drowning my sorrows in spirits i dreamt, and, wasn't pretty. i saw a
horror film on par w/ 'the hills have eyes' and 'hostel' and it was grotesque enough to
remain w/ me hours after waking. the gist for anyone that bears to read this: a mutant
family has bought a house in the suburbs and recruited certain 'normal-looking'
surrogates to scout and capture victims. i am one of these victims pulled into a garage,
w/ other friends for an ostensible 'party.' knives are shown, people i know are ravaged,
yet i make it out and race to a nearby train-station. i get the cops involved but they
are soon taken over, but the violence leaves the house silent, to which, much to my
mind's chagrin, decide to go in and investigate. inside i find (of course) a secret
tunnel that leads to the actual mutant family and reveals the largesse of their grisly
scale. the end is somewhat cluttered, since i feel both emotions of a violent escape and
violent death; i'm not sure which woke me.
asleep again, different dream. i'm on some sort of camp/group outing and not getting
along w/ anyone; i feel weirdly disoriented, even for a dream, as i sense there's
something i'm missing, something vital to my interactions w/ other dream characters.
somehow, this evolves to me and a few others trying to bond by going bowling. it's not
going well until i notice a bar and think 'white russian.' unfortunately the dream
follows real-life logic by jumping to the next morning where i can't get my bearings and
am repeatedly told i did some dick things the night before, none of which i can remember.
hazily the dream proceeds to flash from me being late to a brunch to a fevered search for
my cabin and belongings to a weird challenge of deep-sea diving that concludes in both
excitement and terror; once again i wake.
semblance is a challenge,
meaning forged in crystallized
intent is inscrutable,
just a text by written
coherence always a problem,
seeming like requisite