Sunday, December 23, 2012

always on lockdown

double tap to the dome
speared out a window

spy-hole man: an actual character, in a ridiculous movie. his role could have been short
-strawed, an extra in a violent motion-picture, destined to die. a ray of defiance could
be detected beneath the vitriol non-verbally conveyed; it was a chore for the director to
get the boat back ashore; it needed a consensus, something like a poll.
at port: the more religious contingent grouped in (many believe) a non-denominational
show of solitude; a vigil of sorts. the tragedy really was the lapse that had begun. it
was a slow burn, kinda liking watching things through a tiny aperture.
Balconies make one reflective...
Running laps w/ volleyball players seems restrictive...
Alligators can be a hazard, says the dukes of perspective...
I reconcile that this is all relative.